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In recent years, a new technique for achieving divorce settlements has emerged in Texas. Called collaborative divorce, this technique has the potential to resolve issues involving children and property without the emotional turmoil and expense associated with other legal techniques.

Collaborative law is not the right choice for everyone though. Attorney Jamie Taylor can review your situation and explain the collaborative divorce process. If you choose her to represent you, our firm will seek to achieve your divorce and resolve related issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a choice of process, not of law. At the outset, you and your spouse will execute a participation agreement that will keep everything out of court until an overall divorce settlement is reached. A collaborative divorce:

  • Can help children adjust to the new realities of their lives
  • Can enable parents to form a basis for cooperation in child-rearing activities
  • Can give the parties to a divorce greater control over the divorce process and produce results in a shorter and more economical way than traditional divorce negotiation, mediation or litigation

The Collaborative Divorce Process

Attorney Jamie Taylor, you, your spouse’s attorney and your spouse will then identify the key goals you wish to achieve regarding issues such as custody, parenting time and property division.

In an atmosphere of mutual respect, this group will work to achieve a mutually acceptable resolution that achieves mutually agreed-upon goals. The group will have access to a communications consultant and a financial planner who can address issues that arise. Collaborative divorce is interest-based negotiation rather than positional bargaining. This eliminates posturing, competition and one-upmanship from the process.

The result? You will achieve a settlement that accommodates your values and interests, those of your spouse and the needs of your children. You can focus on making your future better, rather than dwelling on wrongs that happened in the past.

Jamie Taylor can help you make the right decisions regarding your divorce, while providing compassionate, results-oriented representation throughout the process.

A Peaceful, Respectful Approach to Divorce:

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