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Stay in Control of Your Divorce and Your Life

Divorce is a time of turmoil and uncertainty. The direction of your life is unclear, and all you know is your future will be much different than your current situation.

At the Law Office of Jamie L. Taylor, P.C., we guide our clients through the divorce process with integrity and help them maintain control of their lives. Our goal is to achieve a divorce efficiently and cost-effectively, while protecting our client’s rights and advocating for their children’s best interests.

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Divorce: How We Can Help You

Our firm can advise and represent you in matters involving:

Guiding You to a Better Future

Attorney Jamie Taylor will listen closely as you discuss your situation, your concerns and your hopes for the future. Based on your direction, Ms. Taylor will then chart a course aimed at achieving your divorce and helping you move forward in life.

Many divorces pose vexing questions regarding child custody, parenting time and property issues. In these situations, Jamie Taylor will assertively represent you to protect your rights and achieve a divorce settlement and resolution of issues involving children and property. Ms. Taylor has had success using the collaborative law process to achieve solutions that enable clients to move forward in a positive and proactive manner. Other options include negotiation, mediation and litigation to achieve a fair settlement.

Division of Property

Our firm has experience in divorce cases involving people from all walks of life. This experience includes divorces involving complex property issues, such as those involving:

  • Deferred income
  • Stock options
  • Large marital estates
  • Small business ownership

Ms. Taylor also has extensive experience aiding families with marital estates facing financial difficulty. Jamie Taylor will work diligently to achieve a property settlement that protects your interests and helps you make a successful transition to life after divorce.

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